mercoledì 15 agosto 2012

219 - Postcard from Finland (Thanks Anna)

218 - Postcard from Finland (Thanks Helena)

Woman Reading (In Shirt-Sleeves), 1912
Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki Finland
The collection of Ester and Jalo Sihtola

217 - Postcard from California, Usa (Thanks Julia)

A drive along Big Sur affords dynamic views of a dramatic series of dark
cliffs, depp canyons and plungings peak wich form the California coast-
line, south of the  Bay area.

216 - Postcard from Norway (thanks Signe)

Norwai: Pulpit Rock

215 - Postcard from Belarus (Thanks Yana)


martedì 14 agosto 2012

214 - Postcard from Ukraine (Thanks Kate)

213 - Postcard from Germany (Thanks Christoph)

212 - Postcard from Netherlands (Thanks Jessica)

211 - Postcard from Michigan USA (Thanks Heather)

"Wolwerine State"
CAPITAL: Lansig; AREA: 58216 Sq. Mi;
Population: 9.969.727;
MOTTO: "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you"

210 - Postcard from Fnland (Thanks Riikka)

209 - Postcard from Belgium (Thanks JeanMarie)

"Bicentenairie de la Bataille de JEMAPPES 1792-1992"
Cliché of the tapestry "historical evocation" of Mrs. JM Logier. Crecit-Tournai.

domenica 12 agosto 2012

208 - Postcard from Netherlands (Thanks Raisa)

Karel Appel (1921) c/o De Tulipers
Farmer with Donkey and Bucket
138x102 cm

207 - Postcard from Spain (thanks Jordi)

206 - Postcard from South Africa (Thanks Sherrie)

The Automat - Edward hopper, 1927.

Self-adhesive dinosaur stamp from 10V. sheet Dinosaurs, printed in 2009, is the first ever with a 3D effect to be issued by the South African Post Office. They were designed by Chantelle Basson.

205 - Postcard from Finland (Thanks Vilu)

The Puijo tower is a 75 metre high observation tower in Kuopio.
The views from it sure are great!!!

204 - Postcard from Germany (thanks Siggi)