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289 - Postcard from Finland (Thanks Kimmo)

Albert Edelfelt (1854 -1905)
Queen Blanka, 1877
Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki

288 - Postcard from China (Thanks Zhong)


287 - Postcard from Belarus (Thanks Dima)

286 - Postcard from Hong Kong (Thanks Candy)

Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pieis
a pier located at the southernmost tip of Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowioon Peninsula.
It operates the pedestrian ferry across Victoria Harbourto Wan Chaiand to
Central on Hong Kong Island

285 - Postcard from United Kingdom (Thanks Ann)

British Textiles (Strawberry Thief by William Morris 1883)
Reproduced from a stamp designed by Peter Hatch and issued by the Post Office on
23 July 1982

284 - Postcard from Netherlands (Thanks Hennie)

283 - Postcard from Slovenia (Thanks Jože)

282 - Postcard from Czech Republic (Thanks Olga)

Liberec - Czech Republic
Liberec (Czech pronunciation: [ˈlɪbɛrɛts]; German: Reichenberg) is a city in the Czech Republic.
Located on the Lusatian Neisse and surrounded by the Jizera Mountains and Ještěd-Kozákov Ridge,
it is the fifth-largest city in the Czech Republic. Settled by German and Flemish migrants since the 14th century until their expulsion after World War II, Liberec was once home to a thriving textile industry and hence nicknamed the "Manchester of Bohemia". For many Czechs, Liberec is mostly associated with the city's dominant Ještěd Tower. Since the end of the 19th century, the city has been a conurbation with the suburb of Vratislavice and the neighboring town of Jablonec nad Nisou. Therefore the total area with suburbs encompasses 150,000 inhabitants. This makes Liberec the third-largest city (with suburbs) in Bohemia after Prague and Pilsen.

281 - Postcard from Belarus (Thanks Alina)

Northern Front of Holmsk gates

mercoledì 5 settembre 2012

276 - Postcard from Russia (Thanks Alenoshka)

Moscow - The Kremlin. the Annunciation Cathedral

275 - Postcard from Lithaunia (Thanks Laima)

274 - Postcard from Korea - South (Thanks Yi)

The Words on the Left stamp means:
"Our language gets degnified so does our country,
our language gets indignified so does our country,"

273 - Postcard from Japan (Thanks Evita)

Ship-carrier on the Incline, Kioto
"Sosui" waterway completed in 1890 wich connect Kyoto with lake Biwa
was an important facility of transport and drinking water to Kyoto.
Now the carrier is popular to people as the past hero of Kyoto.

272 - Postcard from Taiwan (Thanks Wu)

Giovane donna, 1914
Amedeo Modigliani

271 - Postcard from Germany (Thanks Sarah)

Dresden - LouisenStrasse

270 - Postcard from China (Thanks Susan)

269 - Postcard from Netherland (Thanks Sanne)

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