sabato 1 settembre 2012

259 - Postcard from Germany (Thanks Christine)

258 - Postcard from Netherlands (Thanks Anita)

257 - Postcard from Belgium (Thanks Guy)

256 - Postcard from Austria (Thanks Karen)

Marktgemeinde Perchtoldsdorf bei Wien
(market community of Perchtoldsdorf near Vienna)
Franz Struska

255 - Postcard from USA (Thanks Bruce)

Salvador Dalì (1904-1989)
Slave Market with the disappearing Bust of Voltaire, 1940.
Oil on canvas 44x65

254 - Postcard from Lithuania (Thanks Mindaugas)


253 - Postcard from Belgium (Thanks Raquel)

252 - Postcard from Paris - France (Thanks Elisabetta)

 Arc de Triomphe -Tour Eiffel - Notre Dame
Sacré-Coeur - Opéra - Conciergerie

251 - Postcard from Switzerland (Thanks Helen)

Franz Gertsch, Gräser III, 1997
Mineralpigmente auf ungrundierter Baumwolle,
290X290cm museum Franz Gertsch, Burgdorf

venerdì 31 agosto 2012

250 - Postcard from Netherlands (Thanks Hettybetty)

Kerk Tolbert (Church Tolbert),
Groningen, The Netherlands
 The church was built around 1290 in the
 middle of the village. The choir is the oldest part of the church .
 Ship tower and gable of a later date.
 The church has undergone many alterations.
Postcrossing's Stamp

249 - Postcard from New York - USA (Thanks Beth)

New York
Grand Central Terminal

248 - Postcard from Hungary (thanks Zsolt)

Puszta (Hungarian pronunciation: [pustɒ]) is a grassland biome on the
Great Hungarian Plain (Alföld) around the River Tisza in the eastern part of Hungary as
well as on the western part of Hungary and in the Austrian Burgenland.
The Hungarian puszta is an enclave of the Eurasian Steppe, an isolated
outpost ofthe great "Russian steppe".
It covers a total area of ca. 50,000 (20,000 sq.mi).
The characteristic landscape is composed of treeless plains, saline steppes
and salt lakes, and includes scattered sand dunes, low, wet
forests and freshwater marshes along the floodplains of the ancient rivers.

247 - Postcard from Ukraine (Thanks Marussja)

Windmills, late 19th century

246 - Postcard from Malaysia (Thanks Nawal)

 Mount Kinabalu - Sabah Malaysian borneo -
the highest mountain in South East Asia at 4095.2(13,436 feet)
is Malaysia's first world heritage site as declared by UNESCO in
November 2000. The park is home to various species of flora and fauna
including Napenthes rajah, the largest pitcher plant in the world,
fascinating orchids and home to Borneo's montane birds.

245 - Postcard from Russia

Kaliningrad (Königsberg 1255)
The Cathedral

domenica 26 agosto 2012

238 - Stamp from Libia (Ex-italian colonies)

The History of Libya as an Italian colony began
in the 1910s and lasted until February 1947, when Italy
officially lost all the colonies of the former Italian Empire.
In 1939, the four northern provinces of Libia, were
incorporated in the italian national territory.
Eighth Sample Fair, Tripoli
1934, Feb. 17