giovedì 8 novembre 2012

414 - Postcard from Iceland (Thanks Óskar )

The Eruption beneath the Eyjafjallajökull  glacier in the south of
Iceland began  April 14th, 2010.
Magma coming into contact with the ice caused the chilled lava to form
glass particles that were ejected into the upper atmosphere and were
considered to be hazardous to air travel. The ash plume reached heights that halted
jet travel for many days. Meltwater from the eruption also caused
flooding and washed away parts of the main road.
Previous eruptions in Eyjafjallajökull have occurred in 920, 1612, and from 1821-1823.

413 - Postcard from Estonia (Thanks Anna)

domenica 4 novembre 2012

412 - Postcard from Porto - Portugal (Thanks Ana)

Photo by Ana -

411 - Postcard from Sydney Australia (Thanks Tianne)

Sydney Opera Huose floodlit

410 - Postcard from Germany (Thanks Carola)

At 926 m above sea level, the Achtermannshöhe in the Harz National Park
is the third highest mountain in Lower Saxony and the fourth highest
in the Harz mountains. (from Wikipedia)

409 - Postcard from Netherlands (Thanks Ellen)

408 - Postcard from Germany (Thanks Mario)

407 - Postcard from Taiwan (Thanks Sophia)

406 - Postcard from Slovenia (Thanks Lea)

Rogaska Slatina Park (1924)

405 - Postcard from Netherlands (Thanks Monique)

404 - Postcard from Minsk Belarus (Thanks Tatsiana)

403 - Postcard from Germany (Thanks Tom)

402 - Postcard from Korea - South (Thanks Sarah)

401 - Postcard from Sevilla Spain (Thanks Jesús)